Monday, February 14, 2011

Space!/A is for Asteroid

"But that did not really surprise me much. I knew very well that in addition to the great planets-- such as the Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Venus-- to which we have given names, there are also hundreds of others, some of which are so small that one has a hard time seeing them through the telescope. When an astronomer discovers one of these he does not give it a name, but only a number. He might call it, for example, 'Asteroid 325.' " (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Welcome to month number five: Space.  I have posts lined up so that at very least the first week is daily (so check back!)... let's see if I can maintain that pace.


  1. gasp! was space my request? either way i'm thrilled. oh boy how are you going to draw dark matter!?! hahah nice.

  2. That's right, little lady. If you have any specific letter requests, let me know!